Michele Rolstone

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Michele is a practicing artist and printmaker working from Johannesburg where her studio forms part of the August House artist community. She holds a BAFA from Michaelis School for Fine Art, UCT (2010) after which she worked professionally as a printmaker at Judy Woodborne’s Intaglio Studio in Cape Town. She enjoys dabbling in experimental printmaking and works in a range of print techniques.

Michele is interested in the relationship between our inner and outer worlds, and the way in which we simultaneously exist in both. She contemplates the nature of the membrane that separates the conscious from the unconscious, the internal from the external, and one individual from another. Michele often uses symbols as visual cues for interpretive participation. She is deeply curious about the way in which we (seemingly arbitrarily) attach meaning or sentiment to things, and the evolution of meaning over time through a process of diverse and repetitive interpretation.

Michele Rolstone

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